Questions & Answers

How do I tell what a sweet contains?


We try to check all of the sweets at Sweet Kandy Kisses ... to see if the manufacturer has given any information about whether or not the product contains nuts.

Where there is such information we have reproduced it on the website. The statement that a sweet contains nuts, may contain traces of nuts or the lack of any statement is a reflection of the status of the sweet to the best of our knowledge and should be treated as such.

As a result of the manufacturing processes involved in sweet production, the fact that we have to change suppliers from time to time in order to provide a constant supply of sweets and the fact that some of the items that we use in the shop may be used for several sweets (e.g. the scales that we use) it is impossible for us to state absolutely that any sweet is guaranteed 100% free of any traces of nut.

We have provided the information about nuts as a service to our customers. We will recheck ingredient listings periodically but, as a result of manufacturers changing ingredients or in case that we need to source sweets made by an alternative manufacturer for supply reasons, the nuts information shown on the site should be viewed as "correct to the best of our knowledge" - whilst we do our best to ensure that it is correct we cannot guarantee that this will be the case 100% of the time.

What do you do with my email address?


We do not divulge any of your information to third parties.

If you have chosen to join our mailing list we will send you details of Special Offers, Competitions and News etc. But we will never pass on your details to anybody else!

On all of our e-mail communications to you we will give you the opportunity to easily have your name removed from our mailing list.

How secure is my information ?


Sweet Kandy Kisses is hosted on a secure server.

When you enter your personal information (name, address etc) the link to us is a secure one (you can tell because the domain name starts with https and not just http - also you may see a closed padlock depending on which browser you use).

How long until I get my sweets ?


We state a typical delivery time of 3-5 working days from the date of placing of the order providing the goods are in stock (which well over 99% of the time they are). However we aim to be (and we generally are) much quicker than that whenever we can.  If you have a certain date, e.g. a birthday, by which you absolutely positively must receive your order then please let us know and we'll do our very best to help.

Out of Stock Items


If an item is out of stock temporarily but we are expecting it in shortly then we'll hold your order until we can send everything in one go. If an item is out of stock for more than a couple of days then we'll email you to advise you of the situation and ask you if you would like us to send everything when the missing item arrives in stock or if you would prefer us to send what we can straight away and the missing item when we receive it. Of course, there will be no extra shipping charge either way. We reserve the right to replace items with a similar substitute of an equal or greater value in the very unusual circumstance that we are unable to obtain an item (we always strive to send what you order - if you don't like the substitute you can, of course, return it to us). We don't send out packages on Saturdays or Sundays (we need a break too!). As we are sure you will understand, we cannot be held responsible for the delays caused by any third party

How can I contact you ?


There are lots of options open to you...

Our postal address:

Sweet Kandy Kisses

25 Cambridge Drive






Our telephone number:  01522 790171 - to help us to send out orders as quickly as possible please only use this number for questions about orders that you have already placed.

Our e-mail address:  - please contact us on this e-mail address for all general enquiries

How do I pay for my sweets ?


We currently accept payments via PayPal